Tallahassee Pest Control

When you have uninvited pest invading your Tallahassee home and you need pest control. Make a call to the best, Valupest Termite and Pest Control Service.

 We at Valupest have made it our mission to rid the homes in Leon County, Wakulla County of unwanted bugs and critters. Part of that mission was to find a way to get rid of these annoying pests and do it in a way that would be non-invasive and non-intrusive to our customers. It would need to be effective and as safe as possible for the environment and we’ve done it, we came up with a solution.

The “VALUPEST PEST TOTAL PROTECTION SYSTEM” this system allows us to rid your Tallahassee or Crawfordville home of not just annoying Pests but also their wood eating cousins the Termites and the best part about our pest control system is we can do it and make it affordable on any budget.

At Valupest we do not scrimp, we use only the best products on the market and our pest control programs cover you for more bugs than any other pest control service in the area. We use an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach to pest control this method of treatment keeps us up to date on all the new technology as well as all the great new environmentally friendly products and application advances on the market. So when you need Pest Control service or Termite Exterminator in Tallahassee take a minute and give us a call you’ll be glad you did.


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